Interpretation Guide: Dreams About Teeth

Have you recently awakened to the realization that you’ve been having dreams about teeth? This may seem like an odd topic to dream about, especially if you aren’t suffering from tooth pain or planning to become a dentist. Some people believe that certain parts of a dream can be used as a guide to unlocking the secrets of the subconscious mind.

What is Dream Interpretation?

Dream interpretation is a great way to try to decipher what hidden messages your subconscious may be telling you. The dream world is chock full of information that your brain may fail to acknowledge in the waking hours, but a dream can also be a way for your mind to simply unload the stress that is has accumulated through everyday life. Items and situations in a dream act like a code; the color of a gemstone, flying or falling, money, and even death can serve as a metaphor for what’s really going on in your mind once it is unleashed. You might find that by studying the aspects of recurring dreams, you can learn a little more about yourself and possibly even confront or discover the solution to problems that have been causing you undue stress and worry.

Dreams about Teeth Falling Out

If you’ve had dreams about teeth falling out, then it could be a logical worry about any bad or painful teeth that you may have. This might be your subconscious mind’s way of expressing desire for the pain to be gone, hence the tooth falling out. Pain has a funny way of manifesting itself in the dream world, especially pain that tends to last for long periods of time, like a toothache.

On the other hand, a tooth falling out could be as unrelated to teeth as a fox is to the Vienna Boys’ Choir. In your dream, the tooth may simply be missing, be accidently knocked out, or even become crooked before eventually falling out. There are a few theories going about what this could symbolize. The first thought is that a fallen tooth may be a sign that you’re worried about growing older. Dreams of tooth loss are very common in women of the menopausal age and in older or impotent men. A nice smile with a complete set of chompers is viewed as an attractive trait, and dreaming that your smile will be one (or many) teeth down could be a sign that you’re worried about becoming unattractive. Individuals who are struggling with the realization that time moves on and the body will eventually succumb to some signs of aging can result in a feeling of inferiority, unattractiveness, or fear of rejection.

Another idea behind a tooth falling out is that it could stem from a fear that power will be lost. Having nice, strong teeth is necessary to bit, rip, and chew food—a very powerful act in itself. Feeling powerless is a tough emotion to deal with and it can definitely transfer over into your dreams. Maybe you’re struggling with work, are being taken advantage of, have a sick relative, or are dealing with a similar circumstance in which you feel like you have no or diminished control.

Dreams about Biting

Maybe your dreams about teeth are more centered towards the act of biting or chewing? It can sometimes be difficult to find the real key to a dream, but in the case of a dream that is focused more on the act of biting then on your actual teeth, then the key is probably the action. Biting is a term that can have a physical meaning but it also applies to the conscience. For instance, when something is nagging a person’s conscience, we often say that something is biting them. If you dreamt that you were biting something, then it may be your mind’s way of telling you that something is bothering you or not sitting well with your conscience. If you dreamt that you were biting other people or animals then it may be a sign of suppressed rage or hatred.

Dreams about Teeth being Pulled

Having a dream about teeth being pulled doesn’t usually have a direct correlation to health, power, or attractiveness. In fact, the key in this type of dream isn’t the tooth itself but is actually the act of “pulling” or being “pulled.” Many dream interpreters feel that a dream in which a tooth is being pulled is a sign that the dreamer feels as though they are being pulled in a direction that they don’t like and it isn’t sitting well with their subconscious. Some people struggle with this type of dream as the result of being transferred due to work or personal reasons or by being forced to do something they don’t want to do.

If you are the one pulling out your own teeth then this could be an entirely different scenario altogether. In fact, by pulling your own teeth your mind is reflecting on something that is being self-inflicted. Is it possible that you have been running yourself ragged lately? Pulling out your own teeth is often considered to be a sign that the dreamer is pulling themselves too hard. If you put yourself at a lot of stress to accomplish things quickly, attempt to take it easy in the future. If you don’t pace yourself you may end up missing out on some really great moments.