What To Do If You Have A Hole In Your Tooth

A hole in your tooth is usually commonly referred to as a cavity, and having a cavity most often necessitates a trip to the dentist, or at least it should. Having a cavity isn't normally an emergency situation, unless the cavity is very large, and there is a danger of the nerve in the tooth being infected, the gums being infected, or the structural integrity of the tooth becoming compromised. In fact, many dentists will leave very small cavities until the next scheduled appointment rather than trying to fill too many cavities in one sitting, which should not be mistaken as having ignored them.

When A Hole Is A Bad Omen - If that hole in your tooth occurs in your dreams, it's a different story, especially if you believe a certain type of dream carries with it a certain meaning. A fairly common dream that many people have is having their teeth are rotting and falling out, one by one. It's admittedly an unusual dream, but many people seem to experience it, and there are those that believe it has a certain meaning.

Those who interpret dreams generally consider most dreams having to do with the teeth, especially those in which the teeth are damaged or falling out, portend bad things are going to happen. The worse the dream is in terms of the number of teeth that fall out, the darker your future looks. While your teeth might actually be fine and cavity free, if your dreams indicate otherwise, your future is supposedly bleak.

If The Hole Is Real - Of course, if you neglect a real hole or cavity in your tooth, it could also lead to future problems, although instead of having to deal with a catastrophe, you might instead have to deal with an expensive dental bill, especially if you're going to need a new crown instead of just a filling. You could loose the tooth too, or have to undergo a root canal procedure. Having a root canal procedure done is not supposed to be as painful as it once was.

Plaque Is The Real Enemy - A hole in your tooth, or a cavity, is usually caused when plaque is allowed to form on the surface of the tooth. Foods that contain sugars and starches often remain in the mouth in tiny amounts, and small enough to get stuck between the teeth. The bacteria that normally resides in the mouth will digest these tiny pieces of food. In doing so, the bacteria create acids which adhere to the teeth in the form of plaque. We think of plaque as being something that is hard, like cement, but it is not, and the acids in the plaque sticking to a tooth will attack the enamel on that tooth, eventually eating the enamel away. Once the outer layer of enable has been penetrated, the acids will attack the dentine that lies beneath the enamel. Dentine is much softer than enamel, and consequently the cavity may begin to rapidly grow larger.

While food stuck between your teeth can eventually cause holes in them, so can food that is trapped between the gums and the teeth, or food particles that come into contact with the roots of the tooth if the gums have become recessed, as often happens as we age. Food particles can also be trapped along the edges of older fillings as they begin to loosen to the extent that tiny cracks begin to appear.

There are several articles on the Internet that suggest there are home remedies for cavities, and that by using certain substances, cod liver oil and butter oil being but one example, these remedies will actually heal cavities. That may or may not be true, but you might ask your dentist about it to see his reaction. It does make some sense that anything that can stop the action of the acids that are eating away at enamel or dentine may keep a cavity from becoming larger, but whether or not a tooth with a hole in it can repair itself is another issue entirely. Visiting the dentist if one of your teeth has a hole in it seems the prudent thing to do. Another prudent thing to do is to brush your teeth regularly, and floss them as well. Cutting down on soft drinks and sweet foods can help as well.

Dreaming you have a hole in your tooth might have some benefits, as long as the interpretation of that dream doesn't scare you silly. Your dream may serve as a reminder to visit your dentist for a regular checkup if it's been some time since you were in his office the last time. When it gets right down to it, a dream that your teeth are falling out is like those dreams where it's time for final exams and you haven't done any studying yet, or where you can't find your class schedule, or you can't remember where your locker is.

What should you do if you have a hole in your tooth? See your dentist.