Information on Natural Tooth Whitening

One of the most popular products being marketed today affects the teeth, but what many people have forgotten or may simply not know is that there are means of natural tooth whitening.  Having a bright smile was a desire of individuals long before whitening agents hit the market, so natural means of doing the job were quickly found and remain effective today.

Tooth development begins in the fetus while still in the womb, even though the actual product won’t present themselves until much later.  A baby’s first tooth typically makes its entrance when the child is between 6 months and 12 months of age, and will continue to emerge so that by the time a child is around 3 years old, they will have a full set of 20 teeth.  These first teeth are called primary teeth, and will begin to fall out one at a time approximately when the child reaches the age of five.  The primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, with additional members added to provide the maturing individual 28 teeth in all by the time they reach 14 years old.  Unlike sharks, humans are only allotted one set of permanent teeth.   These are the teeth that are meant to remain with us until our death. 

The foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the care we extend and our age all are factors that will affect the appearance and well being of our teeth.  Knowing that we have only one set to last us a lifetime should help us to take more meticulous care of our teeth; ensuring that they stay healthy and beautiful throughout our life.  Brushing and flossing will help to remove damaging elements from the surface of the teeth, elements that could cause erosion of the enamel and allow bacteria to begin decaying the base of the tooth.  Just as important is keeping the teeth white.  Yellowed teeth can be the result of years of smoking, drinking tea and coffee or simply not cleaning them thoroughly.  

Smile, and the world smiles with you is a favorite saying.  This is true when the smile is attractive, but not when it reveals rows of yellowed teeth.  Do not despair, however.  It is likely that the answer to a beautiful, bright smile is in your home now.  There are several natural tooth whitening agents that have long been used to brighten smiles without damaging the enamel of the teeth that are also inexpensive. 

  • Strawberries.  Mash a ripe strawberry in a small bowl, add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well before brushing your teeth with the mixture.  The reason this works is because strawberries contain a natural acid which will quickly eliminate buildup of plaque on teeth.  A caution, however, to remember is that acid will eat through the enamel of the teeth if used too often.  Utilize this method sparingly to ensure no damage occurs to your teeth.

  • Raw, crunchy vegetables.  Since teeth that lack brightness are often simply coated with plaque, using raw vegetables to “brush” away the damaging substance is not only beneficial for teeth but also a healthy food choice for you.  Carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli are naturally abrasive vegetables that can eliminate that plaque on a regular basis, keeping your teeth sparkling white.

  • Peroxide.  This is the same ingredient that is used in the more costly tooth whitening products on the market, but in lesser concentrations.  However, regular gargling and rinsing with peroxide will still provide a whitening effect on your teeth.

Many other natural ingredients, such as lemon juice, have been touted as natural tooth whitening agents; keep in mind, however, that too much acid is extremely detrimental to teeth.  The best method of having white teeth is to give them the care and attention they deserve so that you will have a beautiful smile throughout your lifetime.