What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening Side Effects

There is no doubt that a lot of people are turning to teeth whiteners to improve their appearance, but what about teeth whitening side effects. The fact is there are few side effects associated with most teeth whitening products or procedures. Most people don’t realize that there are some teeth whitening procedures that can be used for sensitive teeth.

If you can’t afford to pay for some of the high cost procedures that are used to whiten teeth, you can choose to bleach your teeth, though this bleaching might pose some problems as far as teeth whitening side effects.

In the majority of cases teeth whitening procedures are very safe; it is simply a matter of using a solution made of peroxide in combination with a special light. It is this combination that removes the stains from teeth. This is a relatively painless procedure that will take as little as one hour to complete a single treatment.

One of the main worries of having this teeth whitening procedure performed is that it might cause some problems for people who have had previous dental work performed. Fortunately this isn’t the case, this procedure is very non invasive. When you are considering having a teeth whitening procedure done, your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that there is no additional dental work that should be done before you proceed with getting your teeth whitened.

For nearly everyone the teeth whitening procedure doesn’t hurt at all, the only teeth whitening side effects that might be experienced is an extra sensitivity of the teeth and gums after the treatment. If this does happen after your first treatment you might want to ask your dentist about using a milder solution on your teeth.

When you get a teeth whitening procedure done, you can expect that your teeth will come out about ten shades whiter, though it may take more than one treatment to get these results.

Although teeth whitening side effects are relatively rare, some of the side effects that have been reported include additional sensitivity of the teeth and gums. The risk of side effects is increased for people who have naturally sensitive teeth, or receding gums. There is also a major risk if you are allergic to peroxide; if this is the case you will want to use another method of whitening your teeth. For any other problems, consult your dentist for advice on the best method of whitening your teeth so that you can reduce the risk of teeth whitening side effects.

Even if you are at an increased risk for side effects due to having sensitive teeth or gums, there is still a way that you can whiten your teeth. Most of the time your dentist will suggest that you use a milder concentration of peroxide gel. When someone has sensitive teeth it is best to get an in office treatment instead of using the home whitening kits.

Although you will likely get good results from a teeth whitening, keeping your teeth white will take some work, especially if you drink coffee or smoke. To keep your teeth looking great you will need to do regular touchups with a whitening gel.

Teeth whitening treatments are not really an inexpensive procedure; if you have a whitening treatment in your dentist’s office you can expect to pay $800 or more. Home treatments tend to cost much less, but are not as good at removing stains.

No matter what treatment you use, become familiar with the teeth whitening side effects of that procedure so that you can be prepared if you do experience some problems when whitening your teeth.